About Fuzzy Thinking Alerts 

Comments can be found on News Items in Yahoo and Editorial Toons in GoComics.  Logic that is too far off-base receives a 'Fuzzy Thinking Alert'.  Even if I agree with the point of view. There are not too many sacred cows. 
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G.R.I.P.- Grass Roots Independent People
Groups of Neighbors in a Congressional District have been organized into policy research teams. 
There are Issues that are before the Congressional Committees that their District Representative is assigned to.  The objective is for each team to select one issue and provide detailed analysis of that issue to their Congressional Representative.  Products would be:  Summary; Options; Challenges; Priorities; Factors, Recommendations; Major Points of View and underlying assumptions, Lobbyist Interests, etc.  Continuous contact is maintained between the policy team, The Representative and key neighbors so that it is clear to the Representative what the 'will of the people' is and that they know the voting intentions and why and approve.